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The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers. -- William Shakespeare

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Although it should be obvious, I'll explicitly note that mountain hiking is an activity that involves many and various risks. Walkers should equip themselves appropriately and choose their route in accordance with their experience, their physical fitness, weather conditions, and the state of the hiking paths... and not just because a route is described on this website. Readers bear sole responsibility for any accidents they are involved in while hiking trails described on this website, and also for any harm they may thereby cause to others.

The information on this website has been gathered from various sources (personal experience, maps, books, websites, reports from other hikers, and so on). While I have tried to eliminate inaccuracies, errors, and out-of-date information, my efforts will not have been wholly successful. In addition, even when initially accurate, information on this website will become increasingly inaccurate as time passes since I do not intend to rehike the H2H, or update this website, on a regular basis.

Lastly, all estimates as to length, time, and difficulty of hikes described on this website are just that: estimates. Your experience and assessments will almost certainly differ. Readers are therefore advised to consult as many sources as possible before hiking all or any part of the H2H. Please note that I explicitly decline all responsibilty for any problems caused by errors or inaccurate information on this website, and that in the event of inconsistencies between the information on this website and reality, users are advised to trust the latter.