Time: 7.5h. Up: 70m. Down: 0m.
Distance: 32km. Difficulty: easy.

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Stage 3: Einöd (610m) to Lenggries (680m)

Click and drag on map above to see area around trail. Click here for large zoomable map.

Alittle longer than the hike yesterday, but still flat and easy. You’ll walk for a third and last day along the Isar valley, passing through the old town of Bad Tölz, a good place to have a late lunch, before continuing on to Lenggries where you will stay the night.

By day's end, although you will not yet have done any climbing, you will be surrounded by the mountains. Enjoy the views... and the feeling of anticipation. Tomorrow you will measure yourselves for the first time against the Alps... and find out if your training was sufficient!

A sobering thought. At dinner tonight there may be a little tension in the air, and a long evening is unlikely. For come morning you'll need to be up early for the true beginning of the H2H.

A little retracing of steps to begin with. Go back north along the Isar to recross the Tattenkofenerbrücke, then turn south on the riverside path. Most of the way today is along foot- and bike-paths, but there are a couple of stretches around Bad Tölz and before Lenggries where you'll need to walk along roads.

Alternatives: unnecessary, or rather, if necessary then you probably shouldn't be on the H2H!
Maps: K-180 Starnberger See, K-182 Isarwinkel.

The House to House blog... stage 3.

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Room and Board Options
Lunch: there are a couple of supermarkets and many restaurants and Bad Tölz. We had an excellent meal at the Gasthof zum Metzgerbräu, which is just off of the main pedestrian street at Klammergasse 4.
Dinner and overnight: there are many restaurants and places to stay in and around Lenggries (for a complete list, see here). We stayed at the Hotel Altwirt, which was fine.

Getting There and Back
Einöd: a very infrequent bus stops here and can be taken either from the Wolfratshausen S-Bahn station or from the Bad Tölz railway station (for bus and S-Bahn schedule information, see the MVV, and for train schedule information, see Die Bahn).
Lenggries: there is a railway station here.
ViaMichelin Road Map and Driving Directions: centered on Einöd, centered on Lenggries.

Background Information and Links
Wikipedia: Bad Tölz, Lenggries. If you can read German, click through to the German versions of the wikipedia pages for much more information.
Local websites: Bad Tölz, Lenggries.

Interesting local topic:

  • Leonhardi Ride. Each year, on the 6th of November, a Volksfest in honor of St. Leonhard is held in many small villages and towns in Bavaria and Austria, and one of the largest of these celebrations occurs in Bad Tölz. Austrian and Bavarian peasants pray to St. Leonhard for a surprising variety of reasons: for the deliverance of prisoners, for the protection of horses (and pets), and he is also the patron saint of farmers, shepherds, and blacksmiths. A procession of 80 or more rustic wagons, carrying women dressed up in festive traditional dress (Tracht), and drawn by brilliantly harnessed horses makes its way slowly up the Kalvarienberg (a small hill to the northeast) where an outdoor mass is held at a small chapel. Afterwards the wagons race down the steep cobbled streets of the town at breakneck pace, still carrying their female passengers (now looking somewhat nervous)... but protected, one assumes, by St. Leonhard. The first records of devotions to St. Leonhard date to the 12th Century, and you can read more about the Leonhardi Ride here (in German).

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