Time: 8.75h. Up: 1230m. Down: 1510m.
Distance: 22km. Difficulty: hard/easy.

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Stage 36: Adelboden (1348m) to Lenk (1068m)

Click and drag on map above to see area around trail. Click here for large zoomable map.

This stage can either be very long (as planned) or much shorter. As planned, it takes you up by the spectacular 600m high Engstligen waterfalls (3 Michelin stars), over a high pass with dramatic views of the 3243m Wildstrubel massif, and then down by another impressive set of waterfalls along the Simmen River to Lenk, your goal for the day.

Alternatively, you could just go over the much lower Hahnenmoos pass, tarrying perhaps over a few beers or a bottle of wine in the restaurant there, before finishing up with a short and easy descent into Lenk.

So here's the question: will you at this point still be interested enough in the natural wonders surrounding you to take the longer route, or will you just want to get each stage over as quickly as possible? Or, to put it a little more bluntly, will you be mice or (wo)men? One hopes the latter... but you won't find out for sure until Adelboden!

From Adelboden head back down to the bridge you crossed yesterday over the Allebach River, recross it and then follow the Engstligenbach to the foot of the falls. From there a path climbs to the east and then north to Triescht (1952m) and Engstligenalp. About halfway up there is a fork, and if you take the right-hand path it will bring you past the top of the falls (recommended). From Engstligenalp follow the trail southwest to the Ammertenpass (2443m), then go to the left along the ridge for about 150m before descending steeply into the Ammertentäli. At the end of the valley turn right and descend alongside the Simmenfälle and then the Simmen River all the way into Lenk.

Alternatives: you can shorten the main route by taking the cable car up to Triescht from Unter dem Birg (1400m), located about 500m northeast of the foot of the Engstligen falls (saves 2h, +564m, 1.5km). If the weather is bad, or you are a mouse, follow the Via Alpina and take the much easier Hahnenmoos pass route. From Adelboden head along the Gilsbach up to Geilsbüel, and from there follow the farm road to the restaurant at the pass (1950m). On the far side the trail leads down through Büelberg (1658m) and Loosegg to Lenk. This route totals 5.25h, +650m, -930m, 13.5km.
Map: ST-263T Wildstrubel.

The House to House blog... stage 36.

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GPS Track
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Room and Board Options
Lunch: you can perhaps get an early lunch at Triescht or Engstlenalp, but safer would be to plan to have at least one picnic lunch (and two would be better).
Dinner and overnight: there are many restaurants and places to stay in Lenk (for a complete list, see here).

Getting There and Back
Adelboden: there is a railway station in Frutigen, and from there you can catch an hourly bus to Adelboden (for both bus and train schedule information, see the SBB).
Lenk: there is a railway station here.
ViaMichelin Road Map and Driving Directions: centered on Adelboden, centered on Lenk.

Background Information and Links
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