Time: 4h. Up: 900m. Down: 180m.
Distance: 9km. Difficulty: hard/easy.

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Stage 7: Oberammergau (837m) to the Pürschlinghaus (1564m)

Click and drag on map above to see area around trail. Click here for large zoomable map.

Ashort day allows you to recover somewhat from the exertions of the previous three stages. And if you took a day off in Oberammergau, then this will complete your recovery!

After optionally sleeping late, you'll tackle the steep but not overly long climb to the top of Kofel, a dramatic stone tower where you can pause for a picnic lunch while savoring spectacular views. Next comes a delightful walk along another high ridge, with expansive views to the north and south.

So pleasant is the hike, indeed, that you may feel just a little disappointed in the mid-afternoon when you reach the venerable Pürschlinghaus, your goal for the day. But any regrets will be fleeting, as you order your first Apfelschorle or Bier and maybe some Kaiserschmarrn, and consider the next stage: a continuation of the ridge walk. It's a tough life....

Head south out of Oberammergau, then follow a zig-zag path up to the Kofelsattel (1215m). From here you can do the short and easy Klettersteig up Kofel (1342m), or not, as you wish, since afterwards you just come back down to the Kofelsattel again. Continue on east and then at a fork follow the uphill path towards the Sonnenberg ridge (Zahn - Sonnenspitze - Sonnenberg) and then walk along the ridge to the Pürschlinghaus.

Alternatives: if the weather is bad, avoid the exposed ridge section of the Sonnenberg by staying on the lower path at the fork which goes by the Kolbensattelhütte. It is not much shorter, but it is safer. To shorten the day a little, or if you feel uneasy about the Klettersteig up Kofel, you can just skip it (saves 30 minutes and +/-130m).
Map: K-5 Wettersteingebirge.

The House to House blog... stage 7.

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GPS Track
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Room and Board Options
Lunch: plan on having a picnic unless you are taking the low-level option via the Kolbensattelhütte (where there is a restaurant). Before you leave Oberammergau, make sure that you have enough food with you for a picnic lunch during Stage 9.
Dinner and overnight: the only good option is the Pürschlinghaus, also known as the August-Schuster-Haus (+49-(0)8822/3567, 54 beds in rooms, 12 places in a bunkroom). If this is full, however, another option would be to do the first 2+ hours of the next stage, which will take you to the Brunnenkopfhütte (+49-(0)175/6540155, 36 places in bunkrooms). Both are Alpine Club huts.

Getting There and Back
Oberammergau: there is a railway station here (for schedule information, see Die Bahn).
Pürschlinghaus: walk north and down to Unterammergau (1.5h, -730m) where there is a railway station.
ViaMichelin Road Map and Driving Directions: centered on Oberammergau, centered on Unterammergau.

Background Information and Links
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