Time: 8.25h. Up: 520m. Down: 590m.
Distance: 32km. Difficulty: easy.

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Stage 91: Mérindol (166mm) to Eyguières (100m)

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After today's hike (over the Durance River, for the third and last time, then along roads and paths through low hills to the fountain-rich village of Eyguières, whose name means "springs"), and after you have found where you will stay the night, perhaps then it will sink in: tomorrow is the last day of the H2H.

After tomorrow, you don't have to hike any more. No more early rising still stiff from the day before. No more wondering where the hotel is, or if a restaurant will be open, or if you will get somewhere before the rain starts. No more washing the same clothes in the sink each night. No more snoring night-time companions in bunkrooms. No more of this H2H that seemed like an adventure at first but then somewhere along the way became both more and less than that.

Instead (at least until work recommences, and even then on weekends!) soon you'll be able to get up late, read books and watch movies. You'll have the energy in the evening to sit up, perhaps around a fire, chatting with friends or family before you go to a familiar bed in a quiet, familiar house. Sure, it won't take long for the troubles and responsibilities of everyday life to reassert themselves, but, for a while, it will feel like heaven.

Today's hike is identical with the GR6 except for a short section after the village of Alleins. From Mérindol head south and cross the Durance River to Mallemort. Go through the center of the village then southeast for a couple of kilometers before turning west and walking along a road to Alleins. Leave the GR6 here, which makes a longer loop to the southeast, and head southwest along the D16 road to the ruins of the Chapel St.-Jean where you rejoin the GR6. From here head southwest and then west along backroads and trails to the Durance. Cross and angle northwest to Lamanon where you once more turn west and climb through some low hills before descending at the end of the day into Eyguières.

Alternatives: if necessary it should be possible to call a taxi to come and pick you up or drop you off at many places along the route.
Map: IGN-3143OT Salon-de-Provence.

The House to House blog... stage 91.

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GPS Track
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Room and Board Options
Lunch: picnic.
Dinner and overnight: there are a number of places to stay and eat at in Eyguières (for a complete list, see here.

Getting There and Back
Mérindol: from Cavaillon, where there is a railway station, you can take a taxi the 20km to Robion (for taxi information, see here, and for train schedule information, see the SNCF).
Eyguières: take a taxi the 10km to Salon-de-Provence, where there is also a railway station (for taxi information, see here).
ViaMichelin Road Map and Driving Directions: centered on Mérindol, centered on Eyguières.

Background Information and Links
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